Buntbox Maker – Producing gift boxes and packaging in your size and shape

You can now produce your own gift box and packaging in the size and shape of your choice, choosing from over 1000 different box shapes and sizes in all of the Buntbox colours.

Simply enter the desired size for your gift box and packaging, pick the shape you want and, choose your Buntbox colour.

At the last step, there’s also the option of having your own Buntbox printed. This is where it gets especially artful, since the single colour print on the fully coloured fine cardboard of the Buntbox can create some special effects.
Simply upload your image to the printing configurator and place it on the box. The preview will automatically be created for you.

The Buntbox Maker allows you to produce your own gift box and packaging in approximately 8 working days.

Your gift box and packaging can be created in a variety of shapes, including pillow shape, a two-part box, a sliding or matchbox shape, a pyramid shape, a cake box shape, a popcorn bag shape, etc.